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Welcome to Only-Monopoly.Tripod.Com!
This is a Monopoly-addict's website, created in 2005 by one of Monopoly's best fans. I hope you enjoy your visit, and make sure to check back frequently since Only-Monopoly is contantly changing!
The Monopoly Blog was last updated on: .August 15, 2006. 
The Only-Monopoly Site Map:
Monopoly Strategy: This is a small guide put together by meto help out your Monopoly playing. The charts show Payback %'s, Dice Percentages, and  how often you land on a certain color. There is also the top 4 landed on squares (be sure not to pass-up these properties in a game!).
Tokens: Here are pictures of the Monopoly Tokens (I am working on finding more pictures of the tokens).
Money: So you wanna be rich? Go to the Monopoly Money page to print out extras of your favorite Monopoly bills!
Inflation: This page shows you how much rent and property costs would be if Monopoly was modern. feel free to print this out!!!
The Monopoly Blog: has website and Monopoly news & fun facts! Updated monthly.


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